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Improving our nation’s business health one company at a time. The Business Hospital's® innovative treatments help identify business pain points and help improve your business’s health.

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Small businesses are the backbone of America and make up 99% of American businesses.


84% of businesses can’t accurately pinpoint their specific business ailment.


67% of businesses fail by year 4.


The world has one Business Hospital® fully equipped to measure and effectively treat your business health.


The Business Hospital® has treated over 1,200 businesses to date.

The Business Hospital Explained

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There are no barriers to entry to become a patient of The Business Hospital®. As 99% of all businesses in our country are small, we believe that it’s our duty to improve our community’s business health. From the daycare center owner, restauranteur, barber to banker, farmer to tech founder, our business specialists are uniquely skilled in Business Treatment™ and treat all business owners one on one and personalize their treatment to improve every facet of their body of business. We take the guesswork out of business so that our patients’ businesses are healthier.

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Who We Are

When you’re feeling ill, you visit your medical doctor for an assessment, diagnosis, and then treatment. But when your business is failing, who can you call? The Business Hospital®, that’s who. The Business Hospital® is literally the only entity of its kind on the planet. Our business doctors and practitioners work diligently to check your business’s pulse, blood pressure, chronic disease, unhealthy habits, risks for potential injury and more.

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Dedicated to all Aspects of Business Care

Business Hospital® Wings operate as the different floors and departments do in a medical hospital, but for business patients. Business Treatment™ areas that revolve around Legal Health, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Health, Marketing Health, Technological Health, etc., are administered in part by our Business Hospital® Wings through our Business Treatment™ processes. One example would be Seven Hills Technology, a full-service software development Business Hospital® Wing that can code and develop anything from mobile apps, backend software and infrastructure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Health – Business health is the measure of metrics to prevent or free businesses from ailment or injury. Businesses suffer issues that prevent them from scaling. Business health works to ensure the overall condition and viability of a company.

Most business patients suffer from misinformation and inadequate solutions to common problems. The business owners do not have a dedicated team of experts to assist them with real-world business issues.

Business Treatment is so critical to a business owner because a hands-on approach and verified business solutions are missing in our social climate. Many entrepreneurs and general business owners turn to the internet for answers which are filled with social influencers and not business experts.

Our business patients recognize and use our accelerated assistance to solve daily issues. They contact us for employee issues, decision-making, financial questions, and adjustments in the market. They know how to use our diverse team of practitioners to increase their success.

Business patients benefit from Business Treatment™ by not “wearing” all of the hats that business owners are typically known for. We provide remedies for the primary issues that business owners face while equipping them for unforeseen challenges in business.

The Business Hospital® and the Business Hospital Institute™ are mission-driven organizations designed similarly to medical hospitals. We are structured to assist all business types and classes in any industry. We strongly believe that small business is the lifeline for a better economy, society, and, ultimately, better lives.

The Business Hospital® is the first of its kind, providing a universally standard method of assistance for business owners. Before the Business Hospital®, business owners were left to “guess” and tirelessly search for assistance. Businesses now have an affordable expert option to prevent business failure.

Our Business Hospital Wings


Business Strategy


Government Relations


Startup Solutions


HR Strategy


IT Strategy




Legal Strategy


Non-profit Strategy


Risk Mitigation


Manufacturing Strategy


Educational Strategy


Investment Strategy




Website & App Development


International Business


Buying & Selling Businesses

Business Doctors vs. Consultants & Coaches

Difference Between Consultants & Business Coaches vs. Business Doctors

  • External Knowledge
  • Industry Expertise
  • Specific Solutions

  • Individually-Focused
  • Psychological Motivation
  • Problem Solving

Business Doctor

  • All the Benefits of Business Coaches and Consultants
  • Terminal Degree
  • Business Health Focus
  • Holistic Business Health
  • Specialty Wings
  • Real-Time Solutions
The Business Hospital® Difference

No Application, No Competition, No Pitch

A business accelerator provides guidance and resources to existing companies that have proven business models and products are service that have been validated by their market. These businesses already have a foundation to enhance, leaving accelerators to focus on specific areas of interest like legal services for intellectual property, while usually taking an equity stake in the company with a venture investment.

A business incubator generally provides guidance and resources to early stage companies that are focused on new methods of business that need a product idea and model. These resources can be office space, equipment, mentorship, funding networks, etc.

A Chamber of Commerce is a group of businesses that supports the interest of its members, and regularly collect registration fees and annual dues to maintain participation. Chambers look to influence public opinion or policy to serve specific industries or geographic locations through lobbying, public expression, education, and mobilization of business groups.

Community Action Agencies are organizations within the United States that are charged with carrying out the Community Action Program in 1964 to fight poverty. These entities focus on the residents within a specific community and assist with job training and retention, basic necessity services, and other local economic development programs to attack the causes and conditions of poverty.

Microlending is the issuance of small loans to small businesses who may not have access to traditional financial products or institutions. This is a process that connects a borrower to a lender that usually has poor credit, or wants a loan smaller than what a traditional bank offers. These loans are typically comprised of a shorter payback period, limits of what the usage will be for, and non-guaranteed sources of financing.

Business Hospital®

A Business Hospital® focuses on all aspects of a company, regardless of size, industry, or stage, with a key goal to improve the health and economic longevity of the business through groundbreaking Business Treatment™. By combining all aspects of the aforementioned entities, a Business Hospital® will assess and diagnose the Business Health Index (BHI) or Investment Health Index (IHI) of a company, in order to measure the core vitals of a business pertaining to its overall health. A Business Hospital® also executes surgical procedures on the business to expedite the general health of business such as sales implementation, financial health correction, or human capital management to name a few.

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Become an In-Network Member

BusinessAid™ is the global service being offered by The Business Hospital® (501(c)6) to all patients who desire a healthier business. Business Treatment™ is administered by your Business Doctor and Business Practitioners in order to have a Certified Healthy Business™, to increase the longevity of your organization. BusinessAid™ is a yearly service that allows the patient to maintain their Business Treatment™ annually, at a very efficient cost based on your company size and position.

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Benefits of Membership

imgAccess to Business Hospital® Wings

imgAnnual Business Treatment™ for chronic and acute business pain

imgBoosting your businesses immunity to illness

imgAccess to the global network of Business Hospital® Patients

imgYour business will have an assigned and dedicated business care practitioner.

imgUnlimited access to Business Treatment™

imgYou can finally take the guesswork out of business decisions

imgYour business gains an instant business support team

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